not getting paid right

I feel being a painter is one of the most overrated profession. I am not talking about the normal painters but those who are selling their simple, totally weird paintings in millions. I don’t understand why a person would purchase abstract, irregular figures drawn, non-themed colored patterns on canvas in millions. There’s this person I know who just paints a dot with different colors on a white sheet and is earning good bucks that made him able to purchase a car. Whereas I am a junior resident, studied for 5 years and still studies day and night and is earning hard enough to meet the months’ end. Do you think it’s fair that the highly educated, hard workers are paid so less in our country?

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July 31, 2020

The world has not been a fair and just place for anyone.
Recently, doctors working as the frontline warrior to fight Corona, raised this point that they are not paid well with respect to footballers and actors who are paid much higher. The doctors are saving lives risking their own.
Same applies to all ‘worker class’ who do physically intensive work which is very important in the day-to-day lives of people. People have realized the importance of house-maids during the lockdown, the amount of work these people are doing for such small pay.
So, the people buying abstract paintings for millions certainly are not the best judges of THE WORK. On the other hand, sometimes art and innovation have much more value than routine work. Therefore, it is a tough call.
It will be a Utopian society where employers/companies/governments understand the amount of hard work anyone is putting.