My problem

Hello there, I hope you are doing good. I am Kevin here. So I am posting a problem with this website and my friend suggested I log in to this site and he said that you will some solution for your problem. The problem is that in such kind of scenario I am not able to meet my girlfriend. As we know that nowadays we are facing lockdown in the whole country and that is the reason why I am not able to meet her. Guys in bygone time I used to meet her daily and we spend a good time together. But due to the quarantine, this is not possible. The step taken by the government is truly effective and we must follow it and hopefully it the lockdown will get end as soon as possible. I and my girlfriend are talking in the call but we both are missing each other and waiting for the ending of this lockdown. Guys please do support and tell me what I should do in such kind of scenario.

No Solution Suggested Yet!