How to achieve better grades?

Hello everyone, I am a college student and today I am going to tell you one of the most painful problems which I am facing. This was my 1st semester of college and I studied a lot for it. And I learn many things by joining coaching classes and my tutor correctly teaches me. It is been a long time I am getting lower grades in the class. All of my friends are getting higher but I am not. After practicing hard when I receive the mark sheet it always shoes low grades. But then too when I gave exams I was not feeling that much confidence. After learning all the things my exams were not effective and if I talk about my result so I achieve only 50% in all the subjects. I don’t why but after having a decent knowledge for every particular subject I did not get higher marks and guys trust me now I am feeling very sad for it. Please tell what I should do to obtain higher marks in the class. I am ready to follow the steps provided by you.

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