I am a music addict

I am definitely addicted to music. Music is love. Music is life. Whenever I think about my aspiration, all I can think about is music. I love all kinds of music equally. I absolutely adore classical music, especially Chopin’s, and those beautiful ballads are just awe-inspiring for me. Pop is like staple food for me, and I have recently gotten into musical comedy. I feel … Continue reading I am a music addict

Make the voices inside my head stop

There are like 6 people inside my head arguing about the same thing, over and over again. Whatever I think about, these 6 people in my head give me a different perspective on these things, and I’m not able to reach a single conclusion as to what I should do about all these thoughts in my head. It’s happening so fast, and my head isn’t … Continue reading Make the voices inside my head stop