Writers are not working properly for me

Hello everyone, this is me Jayshish here. Firstly I would like to introduce myself. As a profession, I am a client in freelancing sites and I used to hire writers and graphic designers for a company. As I use to hire many writers for a company, recently I have hired 5 new writers for providing assignments to college students for their universities. So the problem which arises is that they are not working correctly. Most of the writers are providing plagiarism containing content which is not good for me and the company. I don’t know what I need to do to make them creative and full of uniqueness. Writers provided the content, which was containing around 25% of plagiarism and I got shocked. By the grace of God, I did not send them to clients. Otherwise, I got rejected from the job. And now I am posting this problem here to get a solution from you and please comment in this post if anyone of you has good writing skills and can provide plagiarism content every time.

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