Worst trip

Hello guys, my name is Kisan, and I am from India. And I am here to share the worst trip of mine with my friends. This is around 3 years ago when I was 19 years. One day I was doing something so I got a call from my friend and he said that bro are you interested to go to Delhi? And I was excited and said yes of course. I will be there. Then after when we went there, it was the worst experience. Because we went to a general ticket on local trains. Around 6 hours we traveled without having sit. Only I know how I felt. After reaching there I get to know that we are here for the promotion of a ruling party. And now we need to hype their party by sitting on the road of Delhi. And we get to know we got shocked. Then, somehow we just left that squad and I and my 2 friends came back from there. So this was one of the worst experiences. I hope you guys would share your traveling experience by leaving a comment in this post. I will be waiting for your response.

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