The last two weeks have been super hectic and I have had to work for 12-15 hours a day with no breaks and I feel that with no adequate sleep and the terrific workload, I might just start getting my anxiety attacks again, I can not even meet my psychologist.
Guys please give me some solutions that can simplify my life.

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July 31, 2020

This is certainly a grave issue. Due to work from home facility, offices are over loading the employees, and it is becoming a trend.
Use one or multiple which suits you:
1. If you can convey to your Superior/Boss that the work load is unmanageable. It is a difficult one.
2. See if you can take some help from your colleagues/friends/family.
3. If you can take a small break (say leave for a week) and start fresh. It will help you rejuvenate.
4. Try meditation for 10 mins a day. It will help flush you anxieties and clear you mind.
5. See if you have any better opportunity outside your present firm.