When I will get my first project

Hello everyone, my name is Lavi and I am a college student. As starting your college career we all have some wishes which can be fulfilled only with money. But I belong to a poor family and I don’t have enough money to fulfill all my demands. And because of this I just started my career in freelancing as a content writer. I have the skills to provide creative and unique content for any topic. And I think I can earn good money with the help of these skills. So I have made my account in some freelancing sites and even I have sent some proposals to clients to get work. And the problem rise here is that none of them respond in my proposal. And now I am just waiting for a reply from the clients and I will start to facilitate them. My friend suggested me to send more proposals but I don’t have enough bids to send more proposal. So guys, at last, I just want help from you please help me to get some project I am ready for it. So please tell me some instructions to follow to make good money through writing.

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