Waiting for the end of the lockdown

Hi friends, this is me Gautam here and I use to do college from a local college. So the problem which I want to get a solution from you all is mentioned in the title. Guys, I am an Indian and we all know that India has conducted the lockdown of around 20 days which is truly difficult to bear but it is only for the welfare of the entire country. Guys this is the 8th day of quarantine and I am feeling very tired and awkward. Because we cannot do anything not even a single thing. Whatever we have to do is to be isolated and spend the whole day in your home. Guys please I am waiting for the completion of lockdown and then after I will do the whole things and work which I used to work before the lockdown. Like, my gym, college, and my volleyball. I am waiting for it heartily and my last advice for you is that guys please follow the instruction told by our government because this is only for our welfare.

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