The financial condition got imbalanced

Hello everyone, my name is Deny and I am from Canada. I am here to share a problem that occurred due to the lockdown or this virus. The problem which I am going to share is mentioned in the title and which is related to the financial situation of my family. As we all know that we are suffering from lockdown so we cannot go outside of our house. And I work for myself on an hourly basis. I mean I earn only when I work for someone. But due to lockdown, there is no work in my town and I am unable to earn. All of the savings are about to end. I know that our administration has conducted the lockdown of our welfare and I appreciate it what about us? The one who earns and then east something. Guys seriously because of this my financial condition got imbalanced entirely and I don’t know when the lockdown will get over I am waiting for that moment.

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