She did not even reply

Hello guys, how are you? Firstly I don’t want to reveal my name and my ex-girlfriend’s name because this problem is related to both of us. We were in a relationship before 6 months and because of a reason we got to break up with each other. After break up, we moved to direction but the problem occurred is that yesterday I messaged her to talk casually. And she saw the message but she did not reply to my message. After seeing the message she did not reply. And I feel awkward because I was not about to force her for anything I just sent a simple hi but she did not respond to that message. And because of this incident, I am feeling very alone and even I am hating to myself only. Because I never expected this to her because she promised to live with my whole life and now she is not replying to my messages. Guys this is the problem hopefully you all understand this just do comment in this post and tell me why she did this. I will be waiting for your response.

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