Okay, so my little buddy (terrier mix) was attacked by a big black lab over a female dog that is apparently ready for mating at our neighbors’ house (where the girl dog lives). This black dog doesn’t live there but was loose from up the street where his owner keeps a beware of dog sign, and she just doesn’t give a crap her evil dog is running about. Anyways, my dog and the girl dog are friends and the black lab decided to assert his dominance and well…We got a call from the neighbor and my buddy returned caked in mud, limping, eye bloodshot, cheek the size of a tangerine, bleeding, yelping when we try to pick him up. He wouldn’t come to us, he ran under the couch (it’s an off the ground futon couch) I could tell he was in extreme pain and I couldn’t stop crying. So we zoomed to the Emergency Vet, where he ended up staying the night. He does have a puncture wound on his neck, just before his chest. They said it didn’t require stitches but he’s on an antibiotic pill, pain meds, and inflammation med. They had to shave where the abscess was, and they were able to clean the wound, but they said to leave it uncovered. I really need to give him a bath but I’m worried I’ll hurt him, or irritate the wound. I have organic lavender and oatmeal shampoo for him, would this be ok? I’m not saying I’ll put it on the wound, just when I rinse if it gets in there on accident. What do you recommend? Also, should I clean the wound itself with something or just stick with the antibiotic pill?

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