Nowadays I have an extra workload

Hi friends, my name is Patrick and I am a freelancer. As a freelancer, I use content writing. And I provide much content without any plagiarism in many niches. As you know that a freelance writer has much work to do in a day. But before some time I was able to handle all my work in a single day. But due to the virus, some of the writers are not able to do work and because of this, my clients have started to give me more projects for a day. I mean in starting I used to write 3000 words for a day which was suitable for me but now she directly changes the word count into 6000 words which are truly enough for a single writer. But guys I am facing this workload and facilitating timely. I am not able to do anything please give me a suggestion by which I can relieve my pressure and able to do all of my daily works easily.

No Solution Suggested Yet!