My typing speed is not increasing

Hi friends, this is me Andrew here. Welcome to this post and I am here to share an issue of my life. I am a professional writer and I use to provide many forms of writing to many clients. As a freelancer, I am earning well and able to feed my family. But the problem or issue which I have realized yesterday was that my typing speed did not increase for the last 5-6 months. As I am providing 5000 words per day that means my typing speed must increase as a comparison to before but no it did not. I want to solve this problem anyhow that is why I posting this problem here. From starting I just wanted to increase my typing speed but at present, I don’t have any idea that how will I be able to enhance it. Please, guys, do comment in this post and let me know some of the methods to increase the typing speed.

No Solution Suggested Yet!