Money is the root of evil all the wrong teaching

When I was growing up, I was taught that money is the root of all the evil and was focusing on something else than money.

But now when I see that everybody measures success based on how much money you bring to the table, It really perplexes my mind and makes me sad.

I am surprised to know that even people who taught me not to care much about the money are now pushing me ahead to earn money by hooks of by crooks.

I am not sure how to redefine values and priorities in my life.

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July 31, 2020

We are wired in a certain way by our parents, schools and society. With those learnings, we end up setting our priorities like getting high marks which seems great at the forming years but have no practical value when we are out in the real world and fight battles on a daily basis.
Mind-black against Money engendered in us during our upbringing. But with the passing time it is clear that it is the most important thing, and as you rightly said, the main criteria for measuring success.
But no matter what, it is never too late to start anything new. Follow this five-step process:
1. Clear your mind-block against money – that it is bad to have or it is hard to make.
2. Start with whatever opportunity you find deem fit at the time.
3. Keep looking for better opportunities.
4. Take out time for networking. It does help.
5. Never let others rule your mind anymore.
If you are happy with what you do and whatever you earn, then enjoy your life to the fullest for yourself and don’t get affected by what others say.