Identification of the problems

One of the most profound things in my life has always been that I was not able to identify that I have a problem.
My mind was filled with perplexing uncertainties but never realized that I had a problem or what exactly was the problems. Forget about the solutions.

When I look back at my life, I now realize that many times what looked like a problem was not a problem at all. They were opportunities, for betterment in the disguise of a problem.

Now my most pressing problem is to identify if it is really a problem.

1 Solution Suggested

July 31, 2020

You may have an amazing mind which likes to think a lot.
Thinking is never a problem but if you cannot make a conclusion, it keeps bothering you in a way as if it is a problem.
Keep thinking. And think about solutions too. May be you can come up with some great ideas to solve human problems.