I want to meet my school friends

Hi friends, this is me Lucas here. I am from India. And I have migrated to Australia for study purposes. I have completed my college from India only. And I am here to tell a thing which is painful for me. I have studied from Indian school and I love my school. And the most important for me in school are my friends. I love all my friends and I miss them every day because we had many moments in the school which are unforgettable. But the problem is that now I cannot meet them because I live in Australia and they are India. Even I don’t have any of the contact or social media attachments. I miss them a lot and just want to meet somehow. That is why I am writing this thing here that they will read this post anyhow. I have tried many and searched them on social media and I only got a friend’s account and which is not active. So guys please share this post until my friends read this post. I will be waiting for my friend’s comment on this post.

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