I want to look attractive

Hello guys, my name is Jimmy and I am here to share a problem and also I want its solution from the readers of this post. I am a college student and I have many friends. But I think I don’t look attractive in comparison to them. They all have an attractive personality but if I talk about myself then I don’t look attractive because of my skinny body. I am a skinny kind of guy who doesn’t have a decent personality. This is the problem which I am facing from childhood. I don’t get attention from anyone because of my bad looks. I want to improve my personality and I am ready to do everything for it. Whenever I go to a girl to talk to her she doesn’t give me attention. And this is very shameful. My bad look is the reason for my last break up. She directly said that I cannot live with this look. And you need to grow. Guys, please tell me what I should do and how can I progress these things. I will be waiting for your response guys.

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