How vast is the internet?

Hello, this is me, Anurag, here. I am here to get a solution to my problem. Actually yesterday I was browsing something on the internet but I did not get proper help from the internet. So I thought that the internet is a huge or vast platform but then too there are many things which we are not getting there. Yes, it’s true that the internet is paramount in life, but there are something’s on which the internet doesn’t help you. Last night I searched for the best places around me to spend the weekend but it did not show me some beautiful place. All the results were not around my house it was around 100km. far from my house. That’s the reason I am sharing this issue and I want a solution from you guys that why I did get the negative results. If you have a perfect solution to this problem so please help me and give me some advice.

No Solution Suggested Yet!