How to feel all the time motivated for any goal

Hello everyone, actually nowadays I am facing a problem which is that I am not getting myself motivated at every time. As I am a student so I need to feel energetic but many times it seems that I didn’t have much energy to start any new thing and even sometimes I feel laziness which causes my failure. When I use to watch some motivational videos so for a time period I feel energetic from inside but after time again I started to feel less motivated. By which I am not able to achieve my life goals. So I want to get some instructions from you who is reading this post please help me and tell what should I do.

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April 30, 2020

The most important thing to feel motivated is to have a proper and healthy lifestyle.
Wake up early.
Dedicate some time for meditation and exercise to build focus.
Eat healthy and avoid excessive junk.

Moreover, make a day to day list of goals or checkpoints you want to achieve which will help u remain motivated.
Make the most of today because you will never get today back.