How to do photo-shoot in this situation

Hi friends, how are you all? I am Ronny here. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am an Instagram influencer and I use to influence the whole world with my lifestyle. With influencer, I have my YouTube channel. Where I post my vlog of daily lifestyle. So the issue begins from here, as we know that to grow Instagram or to become a perfect influencer we should upload some unique and creative images in the account. But the problem rise here is that our government announced the lockdown in the country around 20 days. And because of the lockdown, we cannot go outside of the house for photo-shoot. And because of my absence on Instagram, many of my followers have unfollowed me and this is very painful for me. Guys now please help me and tell me the exact solution to this problem. I will be waiting for your response in this post.

No Solution Suggested Yet!