How can I boost strength?

Hello everyone, how are you all? My name is Roman and I have visited this site to tell somewhat. I am a fitness freak and I use to work out daily. And this is my profession to win the title of Men Physique. I am continuously working hard behind that. So I want to tell you that I have noticed that my strength is not increasing. I am just lifting the same weight which I used to lift before 1 month. I have discussed this with my trainer and he said that you should focus more on your diet and you will get good results. Then after I concentrated more on the meals but I did not see any changes in my strength. I am frustrated because of this problem. Some of my friends use to make fun of this problem because they are started to lift heavyweight with more reps. but I cannot. Now I don’t know what I should do and what steps I need to follow. But I want to enhance my strength. Hopefully, you guys will assist me after reading this post.

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