Hairs cutting

Hey guys, this is me Virendra here. And today I am posting the problem which mostly boys facing at this time. The problem is related to our hairs mainly boys. I thought to post this problem on that website where I could get a positive response on this post and I thought to post here. The problem is that because of the lockdown. The barbershop is not opening anywhere and my hairs are going to very long which I don’t like. Not me many boys don’t like to grow their hairs. But due to curfew, we are not able to give them proper cutting. As we know that to be in proper hair is a part of our grooming which is quite necessary. This is my request to the administration that please give us a time to have a proper hair cut otherwise we are going to be weird. I mean give a limited time to the barber of the nation by which they can open their shops and do their work. Because of this initiative not only we will assist even they will get some money which is very important for their daily lives.

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