global warming

If a volcanic winter were to happen where ash clouds caused massive global cooling, I assume very few would freeze to death in developed countries. Central heat is ubiquitous, fruits and vegetables could be grown in glasses in greenhouses that were heated, food could even be grown like we currently grow dope ( in houses under grow lights ) such foods would be expensive, but likely still easily available in the developed world for the upper and middle classes. For the lower classes, they would be available but a relative strain to afford and the whole crisis could be likened to the Great Depression for the first world. Could the first world likely avoid a societal breakdown that would rock the third world? The first world also has remarkable resilience to drought with in-ground sprinklers and center pivot irrigation that would be partially able to keep up with any disruption of rainfall. The third world without all these technologies would not be so lucky due to the lack of infrastructure? The developed countries would likely cut back on food exports to make up for any crop failures, and most of the third world population that wasn’t royalty couldn’t afford food? Is this a likely scenario? Is this why the US doesn’t have a decade worth of grain in reserve as a civil defense food reserve?

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