Fight with my friend

Hello everyone, how are you all? My name is Thomas and I am here to share a weird problem. So the problems are related to my friend. I am in college and I have a best friend and his name is John. We both are best friends for 8 years. So yesterday I was unable to pick his phone call because I was doing some household chores and then I just switched off my phone. And then after when I met him he did not talk to me and said that now I will talk to you. Because you did have a place for me. And in starting I thought that he is doing fun but after a point of time, I realized that he is serious and he is anger to me. And then I just started to apologize but he did not say anything. And now I am feeling alone without him. I have a lot of friends but he is most important to me. Because I feel alone without him and the way he supports me differently. Seriously, guys, I want to talk to him I was feeling awkward that is why I am writing everything. So please tell me what I should do at this time. I will be waiting for your response.

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