Hello, the last few months have been very terrorizing for me. I have always been a silent, disciplined boy who has always been to myself. I have been facing minor bullying from 2nd standard with the usual grow up, nerd kind bullying. However, after I turned 11 and my friends did give me a nice birthday cake and I gave chocolates to everyone. It was then I started to draw the ire of the bullies. They picked me up based on my clothes and my “nerdy” behaviour. Moreover, my friends have given up on me and I don’t have anyone to talk to.
This has been pressing me from a few months and now the bullying has gone online. I am looking for any help possible.


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May 5, 2020

A lot of people suffer from bullying and let me warn you, it can have a lasting impact on your mind if that gets serious. I always say this and have myself followed, talk to your parents. They are your greatest strength. They have passed this phase in which you are right now. They understand you more than anyone else. You can consult with teachers as well. If some people want bad for you, there are several others who want good for you. Find them and talk to them! 🙂