How others took first steps towards solutions

Not getting promoted

I have a good work experience of some 8 years. But I am working in lower rungs (lower-managerial role) in… Continue reading Not getting promoted

Poor English

I studied in the regional medium and my english is really bad. I understand what people talk but not able… Continue reading Poor English

Money is the root of evil all the wrong teaching

When I was growing up, I was taught that money is the root of all the evil and was focusing… Continue reading Money is the root of evil all the wrong teaching

Identification of the problems

One of the most profound things in my life has always been that I was not able to identify that… Continue reading Identification of the problems

Mid life crisis

Life was never easy for me. I was always presented with one or more problems. Whenever I was in a… Continue reading Mid life crisis

Unable to meet my Tinder Matches due to Covid-19

I have been trying to master the tinder skills for long time. It took a while for me to learn… Continue reading Unable to meet my Tinder Matches due to Covid-19

Change in the sleep cycle due to Covid -19 lockdown

I am locked inside an apartment for last 60 days and have not been able to walk at all. I… Continue reading Change in the sleep cycle due to Covid -19 lockdown

I am an introvert

I don’t talk much. I don’t know how to socialize with people. I enjoy solitude. But I face trouble when… Continue reading I am an introvert

Need to look good!

I was always a guy who wanted to be known by my aptitude, behaviour and respect towards others. However, as… Continue reading Need to look good!

Excessive Binge Watching

I have hardly been sleeping these days and I am binge-watching shows continuously and I really don’t want to do… Continue reading Excessive Binge Watching

Missing Friends 🙁

I have never been an online person, I love being around with friends having loads of fun basically share everything… Continue reading Missing Friends 🙁

Why me

I am just usual bisexual guy, but I am been stuck in lockdown! Why I am been stuck in this… Continue reading Why me


The last two weeks have been super hectic and I have had to work for 12-15 hours a day with… Continue reading Workload


I just turned 17 last month. And I am facing a problem I guess many people face, lots and lots… Continue reading Puberty


The problem of hairfall is genetic in my family. I am hardly 21 but due to my hairs I look… Continue reading Hairfall

Short Height

I am 14 years of age but height is very less for my age. All friends tease me by making… Continue reading Short Height


The last few days have seen a tremendous influx of people into our apartment from other places in the city,… Continue reading COVID-19


I am a young 25-year-old working in the IT industry and I am really worried about losing my job and… Continue reading Employment


Hello everyone, so my husband and I both work (WFH these days) and when the situation was better we had… Continue reading Lifestyle

Gaining weight

Hey guys, so my issue these days is that I am gaining loads of belly fat. I was always a… Continue reading Gaining weight


I am a JEE aspirant and the competition has been growing every single day. This worries me a lot! I… Continue reading Competition

Online classes

I am not able to concentrate in my online classes. This is just not for me. I need a teacher… Continue reading Online classes

Lowering grades

I have always been a class topper till class 10. But since class 11, by grades degraded and I am… Continue reading Lowering grades

Online Class Distraction

Hello everyone, I’m currently entering my 9th standard and I was eagerly waiting for my holidays when the pandemic happened…. Continue reading Online Class Distraction


Hello, the last few months have been very terrorizing for me. I have always been a silent, disciplined boy who… Continue reading Bullying

How to become successful?

Hello friends, how you guys are doing? My name is Jacky and I want to share my thoughts through this… Continue reading How to become successful?

My revenge

Hi people, I am Bunny here. I am sharing something regarding my life. When I was 19 years old my… Continue reading My revenge

Does only money matter?

Hi folks, how are you all? This is me, Jass, here. I am from Punjab and I love to write…. Continue reading Does only money matter?

I want to look attractive

Hello guys, my name is Jimmy and I am here to share a problem and also I want its solution… Continue reading I want to look attractive

Worst trip

Hello guys, my name is Kisan, and I am from India. And I am here to share the worst trip… Continue reading Worst trip

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